1. Overly literal search engines

Search engines are essential for any website. It is indeed to facilitate the visitors, by the ease of navigation to the correct page or information required. Young or old, anyone can face the typing issues due to the skills or the hurry to land on the exact page.

2. PDF files

If there is one thing which can cause the reader to get distracted from reading is an interruption. When people visit your website, they would want to read what pulls their interest. If the user likes your content, he or she will be involved in it, unless there is a redirection text file that might make them drift away from your website. Similarly, if a PDF file comes in between the text, the user will not be ready to add on extra tabs on its personal computer.

3. The websites not mobile-friendly

In the modern world, the usage of mobile phones is way higher than the usage of laptops or desktop computers. It is essential for web page creators to make sure that their website is compatible on a mobile phone. Mobile phones are more compact than a laptop, so people carry a cellular phone more than a computer.

4. Long scrolling pages

Usually, when people are looking for something, most of them are in a rush. That is why they want their answers quickly and do not want their time to be wasted.

5. Animated texts

Any element on a website that changes perpetually is no less than eye torture. Gone are the days when moving text was appreciated. Scrolling text, blinking words, animated images in the gif form, does not give a properly designed website. T

 6. Outdated Information

You cannot offer visitors information about the Jurassic age when they are here to find out about the Star Wars era. Obsolete information is the greatest put-off, for the people who are looking up together updated information.

7. Auto opening of new windows

Automated opening of unwanted new windows is just like a shopkeeper showing dresses that are not required by the customer, and piling one on top of the other customer need an electric iron.

8. Not changing the colour of visited links

If you keep track of what you have done before, it will be easier for you to continue with your journey and decide where to go next. When a user visits a link, the user can exclude that link, so the user does not go back to that webpage again.

9. More than 3 seconds of loading time

It is the most popular issue which many people already know about, and it goes through every time. Research says that when users open a web page, they lose interest after 3 seconds of loading duration. It is essential for the web page creators to consider the utmost efficiency in loading times of the website.

10. Cluttered page

Gone are the days when designers used to clutter all the information into one page. It is incredible how the Space Jam website is still working, initially designed in the ’90s.